Order sobriety testers with your Bar's Logo

What is it good for ?

The Sober Tester:

The Sober tester combines competitive entertainment, educational message with advertising space

People at the bar enjoy playing with it during the evening and actually compete with each other for their Responsiveness abilities concentration and alertness

The result is determined by the point the measurement bar is captured (if at all) after being released by your friend ..at the cached point a note appears indicating your condition.

The sober tester gives an indication about changes of your Responsiveness   due to Alcohol conception and fatigue.

The sober tester make them realize during the evening  that after drinking alcohol in combination with fatigue Responsiveness and Cognitive thinking abilities are impaired and endanger the driver and his passengers.

The ability of the Sober tester to illustrate the decline in concentration capacity The Responsiveness and cognitive thinking teaches responsible behavior.

The Sober tester does not presume to give a scientific indication and does not replace the existing means or those recognized by law that are used to test the level of alcohol in the blood

Product Description: :

 cm5.5 Width

Length 32.5 cm

One side is the ruler with the indicative intervals.

The back side is used for a message, logo or brand information

your clients will enjoy testing their sobriety level and to compare it with their friends during the evening....in effect it is a reaction speed test it gives an indication about the player's sobriety situation, it prevents from drinking to much in order to drive safely back home. 

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